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The shinpy world is a magic world. A little forge of ideas, listenings, comparisons, experiments where the most advanced technology has blended with the vital passion to reproduce the most ancient art: music. Since immemorial time, elfs and magicians, warriors and monks, countrymen and kings, musicians and story-teller,  sang and payed to give voice to their souls and handed down to us tales and legends of the past that we did not live but that we listen to. Great musicians and great performers created and performerd pages of incomparable beauty that nowdays delight us and are a reference for the articulated harmonies of the contemporary music. Cheerful and sad, sweet and hard, religius and desecrate music, but music.....always.

SHINPY has subjection and deep respect for this enormous music heritage and dedicated his efforts to find severl and not conventional materials, not to reach a sterile technological leadership, but to approach a music reproduction as nearest as possible to reality. This is not an alchemy, but a rational use of technology to produce emotions. SHINPY.....makers of emotions.

When we talk about cables, we mean energy transmission. The music signal that passes inside them in a kind of energy that comes up against a lot of obstacles. The musical signal is a sort of electromagnetic field, and being immersed in thousands of electromagnetic fields, we can consider music signal as a flow of fresh water that runs in a sea's salt water. Therefore, we consider cables as the weak point of a stereophonic system, as the component that tends most of all, to foul and denaturalize timbre, dinamics and soudstage. The problem is to obtain at the output of a cable the same signal we put in, in energetic terms particularly. energetic linearity of SHINPY cables is not obtained throught a filtering network, that we consider responsible of a remarkable slowing down in energy transmission, but trough a without precedent proofing of inside energic field from the outside ones. It means to run fresh water in the sea through a pipe.

Two international patents cover SHINPY cables. The first one, adopted on all cables range, it's about the proofing from outside electromagnetic fields. This is obtained through sheets of not conventional materials for shielding. Each model of cables uses. among other things, a different number of shields that we call "SHINPY SHIELDS". 

The other international patent concerns the use, in the interconnect and speaker cables called






of a special conducting fluid that, in addition to be immune from mechanical resonances, is less sensitive to external electromagnetic fields. Obviously, this property is dramatically improved if the "SHINPY SHIELDS" are also present.

All this allows having a constant transmission energy all over the frequencies spectrum and reproduced dinamic range, re-creating in addition to the harmonic reconstruction, the reconstruction of the lower frequency range shows a superior trasparency and dynamics. Another specification of SHINPY cables is the "intertransient silence".

For example, listening to a chorus record, every element of a chorus is well separated and indentifiable by the other utilizing SHINPY cables and this trasparency is possible thanks to SHINPY cables capability of creating, between one sound and another, a sort of "absolute silence". This is possible because in SHINPY cables we have the same decay time for every frequency of the spectrum. It is also for this specification that we can recreate an incredibly realistic soundstage.

The cables manufacture is in Italy and high-specialized staff effect every building process by hand. The setting of the different "SHINPY SHIELDS" around the conductors is a very delicate process that needs very long working time. That's for it is very important to calibrate the conductor mass with the "SHINPY SHIELDS" masses in order to obtain an excellent energetic transfer also in the cheapest cables. Thanks to these manufacturing technologies it's possible to obtain a constancy in the quality of production unattaineble otherwise. We also give great importance to other details as the hand-made soldering using a very high quality solder and connector choice, bacause if we use high-mass connectors we obtain a slowing down of the energetic transfer that could cause a loss of transparency, on high frequency and transient especially Only patented SHINPY technologies could allow your HI-FI system virtual sonic reality performances and just through two channels, you could have a tridimensionality that let you forget your room walls.

Good listening with SHINPY, the cables born....for music.

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